I don’t know if you remember the way that I was,
but I promise you, I’m not her anymore.
I’ve destroyed myself so many times since.
You wouldn’t recognize the body I’m in.
I was a withering girl, now I’ve withered away.
And I see, with time, that you too have changed.
I’ve been wondering, do you still think the same thoughts?
Or have you altered your outlook enough to know what you want?
Cause I remember back when, I wasn’t good enough.
And it’s fine, I’m not angry, but it did change me some.
You see, I kept asking myself why I met you at all,
if nothing were to come of it, not big, not even small.
But I hope you’re doing well and that the world is in your hands,
and that you haven’t left another girl with the questions that I had.
Kayla Kathawa - has it really been this long? (via ninakathawa)
elise white